Green Recycling

Even if your equipment has reached its end of life, ARC Systems will safely and responsibly recycle your electronics using internationally recognized standards. We break down your gear into recyclable metal, plastic, and glass that, after processing, can be utilized as raw materials for new products. Also, we employ environmentally sound techniques, with systems in place to handle any captive toxic material.

ARC Systems follows stringent environmental and health policies and employs processes which reclaim the heaviest metals and toxins from IT assets sent in for recycling. Functional IT equipment will never dispose of in landfills, and that non-functional equipment is handled responsibly, limiting your company’s liability, and protecting the environment.

Upon completion of the Green Recycling process, ARC Systems offers a written Certificate of Recycle, with Digital Documentation of Destruction. Our Zero Landfill Policy guarantees the material is tagged for recycling and handled properly. All toxic metals handled according to Federal, Local, and State government regulations and the material will never end up in a landfill.

Why to Choose ARC Systems
  • Follow all EPA Guidelines
  • Registered Electric Waste Recycling Facilities
  • Zero Landfill Guarantee Policy
  • All the Downstream Partners are Certified
  • Fully insured IT Recycler
  • Written Certificate of Data Destruction and Recycle
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100% Green Recycling
Zero Landfill Guarantee
No Equipment Exportation