Secure Reverse Logistics

ARC Systems builds a reverse logistics plan according to your specific business and security requirements. We provide a secure, documented removal of end-of-life data center equipment. When ARC Systems removes your company’s computer assets, there are no questions of its fate. Our audited, certified, chain-of-custody removal procedure provides complete documentation of the removed assets—we document which equipment are recyclable and which equipment to refurbish. ARC Systems works with you throughout the process – from the de-installation of the equipment, onsite packaging, to ensuring safe transportation to our facilities.

Your equipment transportation can be customized no matter where your equipment is throughout the world. We can move your equipment to its processing facility in a variety of ways, utilizing common carriers, sealed dedicated trucks to armored car with armed guards. The logistics plan all depends on your needs and the sensitivity of your data.
Our reverse logistics processes will always address these key factors:

  1. Onsite pickup.
  2. Efficient, secure transportation.
  3. Facility processing that is verifiable.
  4. Recycling or reselling—value recovery step.

To help create a logistics plan for your decommissioned IT equipment contact us today.